Abc Hotel Thessaloniki

Excellent hospitality of high standards.

The abc Hotel started operating in 1970, and it is considered one of the hotels in Thessaloniki with a great history. The name of the hotel refers to the initials of the founder Athanassios Brovas son of Christos. It is located in the city centre, on Fountain Square (Syndrivani) and is considered a landmark. Hotel abc, during its many years of operation, has hosted visitors from all over the world, who chose it for its friendly and classic character. College students of the 70’s, students of the Lower Certificate of English in the 80’s, artists, singers and actors of the Film Festival, the scholars and speakers from important conferences, as well as the trade visitors of the Thessaloniki International Fair, are all part of the abc hotel.

Hotel Queen Olga

Privileged location with view to Thermaic Gulf

Built in the late 1960’s  by visual artists in the style of the time, Hotel Queen Olga is well known in Thessaloniki for the unique service it offers. It has been operating since 1969 and it is one of the oldest hotels in town. With the direct access to every region of the city, a privileged view to Thermaic Gulf and experienced staff, Hotel Queen Olga is one of the best suggestions for an unforgettable stay in Thessaloniki.